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Minecraft 1.12.2, Aether Ascension 1.6.2, Forge 2854

Evertrue is a Minecraft server running the Aether Legacy that seeks to capture the feel of old school Minecraft servers. This means that there is a focus on a small but tight-knit community that enjoys the game but doesn't take it too seriously. We run the Aether Legacy mod, which adds a heavenly dimension that is both beautiful and deadly. As its name implies, it is the opposite of the Nether. In the Aether, there are quite a few activities to do- mining, fighting, building, and exploring. As one would expect from a new Minecraft dimension, the Aether adds a whole host of new building blocks. When mixed with the floating islands of the Aether, epic structures can be created. The Aether adds a few new ores to the game that each have a different quirk. The progression of these ores is similar to those of the overworld. Wood, stone, iron, and diamond are replaced with skyroot, holystone, zanite, and gravetite. Although you can craft items equivalent to diamond with gravetite (a full set of which makes you jump higher), the progression does not stop there. Scattered throughout the Aether are bronze, silver, and gold dungeons. These have different bosses of varying difficulties and different rewards. If you want to fight these bosses in parties of a few players, Evertrue has you covered. Want to start an in-game business and amass the most diamonds from selling rare and powerful gear? Evertrue has you covered. PvP combat has never been as interesting as it has been with Aether items, too. Where one used to fight others with very little gameplay difference between one and their opponent, one can now strike down their opponent with lightning, poison their enemies with darts that alter their movements, and even fly above their enemies.