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Minecraft 1.12.2, Modpack, Forge 2854

The Aether is the most famous mod in Minecraft, and it is better than ever with the Aether Ascension fork. Fight bosses in bronze, silver, or gold dungeons and gain awesome loot.

The Overworld is enhanced with Biomes O' Plenty, YUNG's Better Caves. Explore novel biomes or delve into a deep, interconnected cave system.

The Nether is enhanced with BetterNether and Biomes O' Plenty. Rather than being the boring red dimension that we all know and dread, it is now on par with Minecraft 1.16's Nether expansion.

The End is enhanced with Minestrapp. Now, it's actually possible for you to live on the end islands and adds a lot of new content.

The Twilight Forest is second to the Aether in terms of fame, but in terms of content it is one of the Minecraft community's favorite mods. There are many different dungeons, a beautiful landscape, and a great progression system.